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"Absolutely, Hands-down, the best advice and help us as parents with our son! Thank you, thank you for all your help." - Dr. Wayne Rothchild, CA
Troubled Teen Issues
"You saved the life of our daughter and our family." - Michael Roberts, TX
Troubled Teen in Crisis
"Your counsel was thoughtful and based on experience.  You saved us time and money and most importantly understood how emotional the process would be...our deepest appreciation." - Elizabeth Purnel, MD

5-Steps to help your 

Troubled Teen in Crisis:
In addition to our assessment and consulting services, we provide detailed step-by-step directions to find the best solution for your troubled teen in crisis and entire family.  Please take the first step and schedule an initial consultation.

You will learn:

  1. How to identify the differences between normal and troubled teen in crisis  behavior
  2. How to find local professional resources and help for troubled teens in crisis
  3. How to find national programs and schools including: Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Residential Treatment Centers, Traditional Boarding Schools, Wilderness and Boot Camp Programs, Military Boarding Schools, and other alternative schools and boot camp programs
  4. How to qualify the "right" program or school for your troubled teen in crisis
  5. How to find available financial aid and scholarships to pay for it all!

Get Help! Call Parent and Teen Resources:  866.798.2285


Parent and Teen Resources is a placement advisory resource for parents of troubled teens in crisis. Your situation and child's issues will be reviewed and recomendations will be made based on your troubled teens needs and behavior issues. Consider the consultation process as a fact finding mission, you are here because your troubled teen is in crisis, we are here to help you navigate through all the options and select the most appropriate solution. This will help to improve the outcome of your troubled teen's treatment. Take the first step, make the call, and start your troubled teen in crisis on the road to recovery and maturity.

Please take the first step in recovery, contact us or call Parent and Teen Resources
Toll Free: 866.798.2285 to get started.


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Helping Troubled Teens


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Help for Parents with Troubled Teens, Defiant Teens and Teens in Crisis

Parent and Teen Resources
Toll Free: 866.798.2285
Hurricane, UT 84737


Parent and Teen Resources
If your troubled teen in crisis is in need of intervention please take the first step. Do not let your child's choices destroy his/her future. Troubled teens in crisis can make decisions based on peer pressure, alcohol and/or the influence of others. Take control of your troubled teen in crisis and consider troubled teen recovery options like therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps for troubled teens and residential treatment centers. The call is free, the consultation is confidential. Take charge and regain control of your teenager's future. Learn to recognize teen anger, teen depression, defiant teen behavior and if your troubled teen is in crisis. Your child's future and perhaps even his/her physical and metal well being is in your hands, be assertive and take control of your troubled teen in crisis with trained personnel monitoring and evaluating the situation and taking appropriate steps to correct behavior in your troubled teen in crisis.

Troubled Teen Boot Camp and Therapeutic Boarding Schools are considerations in behavior modification. Your troubled teen needs to learn life skills to cope with the pressures that affect his/her life on a daily basis. Residential Treatment Centers offer your teen a chance to get away from the anxiety and stress of daily life at home and school. Removing the troubled teen from the home environment and establishing boundaries and routines is the first hardship you will face as a parent. Understanding that the challenge your child faces is just as complex and needs professional help will be a test of your strength. Making the decision to get help for your troubled teen will be the best move you will make in your child's life. Helping you through the process is our goal.

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