“Absolutely, Hands-down, the best advice and counsel…to help us as parents with our son! Thank you, thank you for all your help.” – Dr. Wayne Rothchild, CA


“You saved the life of our daughter and our family.” – Michael Roberts, TX


“Your counsel was thoughtful and based on experience.¬† You saved us time and money and most importantly¬†understood how emotional the process would be…our deepest appreciation.” – Elizabeth Purnel, MD

  • Do the programs have licensed therapists:
    Yes, each of the programs offer, individual, family and group therapy with a licensed therapists and psychiatric services.
  • Will my insurance company pay for my child’s stay?
    It depends on your insurance company and how your policy is written. We can assit you with finding out what coverage and benefits you may have.
  • How long is the average length of stay?
    Because of the individualized setting of all the programs we refer to, the average length of stay is 9-14 months.
  • My child is behind in school; can he/she get caught up?
    All students receive academic achievement testing so that an individual education plan can be created for them. Many of our students catch up and or get ahead academically.
  • Are the programs licensed, and how do you check out to see if a program has any legal action against them
    Yes, the programs we refer to are licensed and overseen by state licensing. You can check for legal actions by visiting the each individual state website(ie.www.texas.gov).
  • What kind of staff training do these programs and schools offer?
    Each staff member is trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention as well as First Aid, CPR and positive restraint techniques.
  • What is the staff to student ratio?
    In most states the staff to student ratio is 1-4. In the academic setting the number is usually 1-8.
  • How am I assured that my child will not come back doing even worse things than he/ she is doing now?
    The reason we do an interviews and assessments is to help assist you to find the “right” program or school to fit your family and childs needs.
  • What kind of discipline is used? Is there any use of physical punishment?
    All the programs and schools we refer to use natural and logical consequences, never physical punishment.
  • What happens when the teen comes home?
    We can assist in the areas of transition and home placement services and plans.
  • What is the cost of the programs
    The costs vary depending upon what school or program you choose for your teen. Qualified programs can range from $4500 per month and up. And in some cases your medical insurance may cover a portion of a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center.