“Absolutely, Hands-down, the best advice and counsel…to help us as parents with our son! Thank you, thank you for all your help.” – Dr. Wayne Rothchild, CA


“You saved the life of our daughter and our family.” – Michael Roberts, TX


“Your counsel was thoughtful and based on experience.  You saved us time and money and most importantly understood how emotional the process would be…our deepest appreciation.” – Elizabeth Purnel, MD

Dear Parents,
I’ve been working in the youth behavioral health industry for the last 18 years.  In that time, I have worked as an Admissions Director and as a Consultant for several programs and schools.  I’ve surrounded myself with professional affiliations from therapists and teachers to educational consultants and family advocates.

I firmly believe that until you walk in the shoes of a parent of a struggling teenager, you really don’t know the feelings of hopelessness, frustration, and the heartache of wanting to help your own child and not knowing what to do or to whom to turn for help.  Since I’ve successfully raised six daughters as a single mother, I believe that I have endured a few challenges and crises along the way.  I and my children have survived them; and we’ve learned from them. 

My mission for this website and the services that I offer is to “educate” parents on the process of finding and qualifying the “right” program or school for their child. 

Because of my working knowledge in the industry I know what you need to look for to have a successful outcome for your child’s treatment.  I know the process you need to go through to get the right assessments for their child’s specific problems.  I know the local and national resources you should utilize to get the help you need.  And, I’m aware of the programs and schools parents should avoid–programs that offer only minimal services, are under investigation, have staffs with minimal experience and little training, or don’t hold proper license or professional credentials. 

Because there is such a need for at-risk or troubled teen programs, it’s unfortunate there are so many questionable programs and schools: and that they’re still in business!  It seems like anyone can purchase a building and house 100 plus kids, hire marginal staff, and do nothing more than baby-sit your child. 

My service is professional and reliable.  I take the guess work out of researching and finding the right program for your teen.  My services often place teens with programs that offer “multi-systemic family models.”  That’s jargon that simply means.the best programs are those that help treat the entire family.  If that fits your child’s and family’s situation, such a program will greatly impact your child’s success once he returns home and continues on their path to adulthood.

The parents I work with want real results at the end of the process.  They want real and practical therapy.  They want transferable credits for education, improved family relationships, and most of all, they want to be a part of the process that transitions their child back into their family and into society.

I have personally visited all the programs that I refer to.  I have a comprehensive list of requirements they must meet in order for them to be an approved school.  I will personally walk you through the steps to find local resources, search nationally, qualify the approved programs, and teach you how to pay for it all.  In the end, I will save you time and money during a very emotional and vulnerable time in your life.
Please call or email me today.  Together, we can find a solution!

With appreciation & warm regards,

Marie Peart, Family Consultant